Family member is at this moment 48 hours post-Pfizer #1. Running temp of 101 degrees, and 93% oxygen saturation. PulseOx may be somewhat inaccurate, it's like a $30 unit off Amazon, but I've used it maybe 30x and never seen anything below 96. And this was after 2 attempts, one was 94 and the other 93.

So something is going on. Will report into VAERS later, so it can be ignored by the medical industrial complex and government. But right now I have some work to do.

Hope this goes well.

100.3 and 95% right now. Hopefully normalizing, but will keep monitoring.

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Wanted to put up an update on this. Gave Vit C, Vit D, aspirin, melatonin - basically whatever I had from the FLCCC I-Recover protocol for PVIS. Monitored for the night, things settled down. Maybe all that stuff had nothing to do with it, no way to know for sure, but the bottom line is she ended up OK the next morning.

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