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Well worth the watch!! Even if you just watch the first 5 minutes. I haven't seen anyone else cover this. It is about the technique for administering a vaccine, you are supposed to 'aspirate' the needle, to make sure it's not in a blood vessel, before injecting.

I realize a lot of readers here are not getting vaccinated, but you probably know someone who is. Please share this, it is very simple and could save trauma or even life.

It is from Biden's OSHA rule and not a bill sent to Congress. I agree that legally it's meaningless. This is being done unilaterally by the executive, which we both know is immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional... but not enough people care and they will just comply -- especially employers, which will put so many of us out of a job. We are in a post-constitutional era and effectively ruled by a king.

The only part I'm disagreeing with is that it's "never coming" because as of today, it's here.

@AnotherStag Yup, understood, just continuing the conversation - I do think the OSHA rule went into place as of today, although I could be wrong. I'll look for another source of confirmation and see. It's the part about it being a bluff of sorts that I disagree with; I think there is every intent to implement this thru whatever means necessary.

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@AnotherStag Hoping that corporate America will do the dirty work and take the fall of lawsuits on their heads.

@AnotherStag I dunno. I wish you were right, but didn't the OSHA rule just go in today?

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Election Wizard

OSHA is foaming at the mouth to pursue a vax mandate for businesses with less than 100 employees too. Step one: ask for public comments.


@scalar Wouldn't this also apply to the virus itself (which our gov't helpfully created for us), or just the vaccines? Seems like it would apply to both?

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Wonder how tonight will go.

A crossroads.

🙏Let's go Brandon.

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It is not ok. It's a violation. They have no right or authority to subject your daughter to a religious test.

She should get a lawyer.


Hi again, just found another one that might be worth adding to your list:

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[Quote RT]
The idea that liberal billionaires like Soros and Hoffman (and Omidyar) are going to save society by using their limitless wealth to police the internet for what *they regard as* disinformation, extremism and hate speech is one of the creepiest and dystopic things I've heard.

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Ivor Cummins has put up another great data science video on our "current issue."

If you like this one, go back and view some of his others about Covid, or even fat and cholesterol as well. Always high quality analysis.

He and some others have made a movie that I think is funded thru a Kickstarter, I believe it's coming out around the end of this month. I'll post more info here if I come across it. I'm sure it will be worth the watch.

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Heavy Federal Presence, Helicopter Overhead, at VA School Board Meeting

“A Fairfax Virginia parent who was vocal at a recent school board went to another board meeting on Thursday night only to find a heavy Federal presence with unmarked federal vehicles and a helicopter circling overhead. It was the night of the day DOJ Attorney General Merrick Garland testified. This is definitely over the top […]”

When I first signed up for Mastodon I looked for a good homeserver that worked properly but also where I felt like I'd be at home with liberty-minded folks.

I ended up here on LibertyWoof and it seems good, but I'm finding that like 90% of the people I follow are on FreeAtlantis, is that homeserver specifically for liberty-minded folks as well?

Seems like it's easy to find Mastodon servers, but it's hard to figure out what each one is "about."

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[RT @jacksonhinklle]
Netflix employees staging a walkout over Dave Chappelle are going to get more mainstream media attention than the hundreds of thousands of striking workers all across the country who are fighting for higher wages, better working conditions, and improved benefits. 🙃

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